President and founder of M.J. Janssen, Mary brings an innovation and creativity to Executive Search. Having 30 years of experience recruiting in all disciplines in a diverse cross section of industries in senior search nationally. Mary's formal background in Finance, Sales and Marketing has enabled her to build a highly successful and recognized search firm in a competitive marketplace.

Her dedication and commitment to service has earned her an excellent reputation with both clients and candidates in being a forward thinker with a diverse business background. An extremely results oriented individual with a strong focus for success, she has established a very comprehensive network by partnering and building relationships.

She feels recruitment, retention and career planning have to be strategic in an ever-changing economy. Focusing on the new economy she has consulted with her clients on very pro-active hiring practices. She has surrounded herself with an excellent team with the same drive and focus and philosophies to provide continuity for her organization in the years to come.


As Managing Partner of M.J. Janssen, Casey brings extensive experience in Human Resources, Operations, Finance and Sales after holding several senior executive roles over his 20 year career.  He has a formal background in Economics, Human Resources and Business Management.

Casey has successfully built Greenfield companies and managed international multi-location CPG & Tech based organizations. He has specialized expertise in talent acquisition, people development, training, and has developed several high performing teams throughout his career. In addition, he has a thorough knowledge of Sales and Supply Chain Management.  He will leverage his experience and leadership to support our company’s continuous growth.